YOUTEC is founded in 1984, as a total solution provider can design and fabricate water purification systems, mainly supply contractor with standard equipment, system and technique support. Youtec is authenticated as obedient to ISO9001:2000; obtaining GMP certification in 2010. This is our commitment to provide best quality, perfect after sale-service and technique support.

Wall-mounted Water Purifier Ozonator Manufacturer

Our Company is a well-known company in Components and Tool Wall-mounted Ozonator , specializing in the design, production and sale of Wall-mounted Ozonator and relative appliances.

We have a team of efficient quality inspectors who make sure our products are manufactured as per the excellent standards.

Stainless Steel Chassis, solid and hard Table-top Ozonator

Wall-mounted (Table-top) Ozonator

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Two-stage water outlet switch
  • Quiet High-efficiency Compressor
  • Twin water filter
  • Energy-saving hot and cold exchange system type
  • Hot water 105°C <10 Liters>/ Power: 800W
  • Cool water 26~40°C <20 Liters>
  • Cold water 4~8 °C <3 liters> / Power 125W
  • Power Supply: 110V or 220V
  • Dimension: L 475mm X W 415mm X H 1280mm

    Microcomputer full-function Control
  • Automatic high-temperature sterilization, the bacterial content in line with national standards to ensure

  • Warm and cold water cooling after boiling

  • 100% boiling water

  • LED displays various temperatures

  • Protection device from overheat and electric leakage

  • Stainless Steel Chassis, solid and hard

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