YOUTEC is founded in 1984, as a total solution provider can design and fabricate water purification systems, mainly supply contractor with standard equipment, system and technique support. Youtec is authenticated as obedient to ISO9001:2000; obtaining GMP certification in 2010. This is our commitment to provide best quality, perfect after sale-service and technique support.

Water Quality Monitor Supplier

YOUTEC CO., LTD. is a national manufacturer and supplier that specialize in providing of water quality monitor series related products. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship as your water quality monitor series supplier by providing quality products and service that exceeds your expectations. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for water quality monitor series to satisfy our customers' demands. With an extensive range available in stock and our fast, reliable service and support, YOUTEC CO., LTD. makes it easy for you to find and buy what you need.
Water Quality Monitor

Water Quality Monitor Series

  • Electronic circuit, small size and high stability.
  • Unit PPM(TDS)/US/CM can be changed by HW-321D.
  • Water quality can be monitored in two groups PPM (TDS) by HW-322D.
  • Two Detectors are available (mounted on inlet/outlet)

    Water Quality Monitor Series-Characteristics
  • Electronic circuits, small size and high stability
  • Pointer-type, two scales, easy to interpretation
  • Used with various types of display, high flexibility
  • Special features: red light will be bright if water quality is higher than 45PPM; on the contrary, green light will be bright
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