YOUTEC is founded in 1984, as a total solution provider can design and fabricate water purification systems, mainly supply contractor with standard equipment, system and technique support. Youtec is authenticated as obedient to ISO9001:2000; obtaining GMP certification in 2010. This is our commitment to provide best quality, perfect after sale-service and technique support.

Water Softener Brine Tank For Wholesales

Our Company is a well-known company in Components and Brine Tank , specializing in the design, production and sale of Brine Tank and relative appliances.

We have a team of efficient quality inspectors who make sure our products are manufactured as per the excellent standards.

YOUTEC Brine tanks for water treatment

Brine Tank

We are Taiwan's No1 brand in manufacturing Brine Tank that provides vision based sorting solutions for various applications.

Our company ensures that our products are in confirmation to the international standards and reasonable price.

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