YOUTEC is founded in 1984, as a total solution provider can design and fabricate water purification systems, mainly supply contractor with standard equipment, system and technique support. Youtec is authenticated as obedient to ISO9001:2000; obtaining GMP certification in 2010. This is our commitment to provide best quality, perfect after sale-service and technique support.

Water Treatment Equipment Supplier from Taiwan

Our company is a reputed water treatment equipment manufacturer in energy & environment. We have a well-maintained quality management comprising a team of experienced professionals that keeps an eye on every individual product to ensure durability. You'll benefit from our resources, our experience and our personalized customer service. So should you have any questions or need our any products of YOUTEC CO., LTD., please don't hesitate to contact us. We are very welcome any further inquiries and comments from you.
YOUTEC CO. LTD is a reputed Hand Tools manufacturer in RO System industry. YOUTEC ensures that our products are in confirmation to the international standards and reasonable price. We can promise that whatever your Water Treatment Equipment problem is, we will find a way to solve it to your satisfaction.

Soften Water System

Automatic Dual Tank Type Soften Water System

This soften water system mainly remove mineral, especially Ca and Mg which easily make water hard. Hard water easily results in water scaling in pipe and containers, dropping down functions and using period. Also make detergent difficult bubbling, increasing unnecessary detergent use and speed environment pollution.

Soften water system applies continuously regenerated ion-exchange resin to remove
mineral which caused by hard water. Only need cheap salt to regenerate the resin, it's really economical method.

Since 1984, Youtec go on researching and improving. Therefore, Youtec can provide customers with good quality auto soften water system. If you are searching for Soften Water System Manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.

Actived Carbon Filter

Actived Carbon Filter can carry out adsorption and filtration when water processing.

Efficiently to deal with water turbidity, odors, residual chlorine, pigment, suspended matters and organic.

If you need Automatic Activated Carbon De-chlorination System, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Automatic Manganese Sand System

Automatic Manganese Sand System will make water turbid, and it will result in dirty spot on clothes, pipe and container. Pipe and container can't exert functions.

Mn and Iron in the groundwater usually exits as Fe(HCO3)3 and Mn(HCO3)4. After touching with manganese sand and oxidant for filtration, Iron and Mn will be precipitation and manganese which contains filter agent can do backwash automatically to reach re-use for a long time.

When the company establish, Youtec focused on pre-treatment equipment. For many years improvement, Youtec provide users Automatic Manganese Sand System with good quality.

Desalination Systems

Sea Water Purification Systems, Desalination Drinking Water System, Convert From RO Seawater
In recent years, due to insufficient rain water and industrial pollution to rivers and lakes, cause the supply of fresh water is decreasing. Ocean is the abundant supplier of world's water.

UF Ultra Filtration System

UF Ultra Filtration System is formed on the basis of membrane separation technology to remove particles by factors of pressure driven process, cross flow design and particle sizes. Feed solution is driven to flow from high osmotic pressure region to low osmotic pressure region. Particles in feed liquid above 0.01 m of membrane...... pore sizes will be refrained to pass through the membrane and flowing over it to produce concentrate. Low molecular weight solutes and components will be passing through the membrane by osmotic pressure driven force and collected into purifying compartment as permeate water. The process contributes to separate feed water into purity water and concentration.

UF hollow fibers in U-FLOW® UF are PAN constructed with advantages of smaller pore size and low biofouling for less frequency of backwash.

Automatic RO Drinking Water

Automatic RO Drinking Water is suitable for industry, commercial and drinking use; all equipment is mounted on SUS skid. DW-RO-250UO3~DW-RO-9000UO3 (250~9000 GPD/day) series is in volume production and maintains inventory for shorten the lead-time. Control panel is standardize for every system and there are options for pretreatment and final treatment as customer's request.

Automatic RO Drinking Water System is suitable for office, company and industry use.
If you are searching for RO Drinking Water System, please do not hesitate to contact us.

RO System

  • Flow capacity in 250GPD~9000GPD is in mass production.

  • For larger capacity RO System, please contact us.

  • Customized RO System is available upon request.

  • Additional options are available for completing while ultra-pure water system.

  • Ultra-Filtration System, K-PLUS Series Deionizer, mixed-bed deionizer and EDI.

  • Youtec Co., Ltd. is a professional RO System Manufacturer in Taiwan, providing high quality Water Purifying System, RO Drinking Water System and Commercial R.O. System with high quality and good price.

    Feedwater Conditions
    Inlet Pressure.......>1.5 kg/cm2
    Total Hardness......<10 ppm as CaCo3
    Fe........................<0.1 ppm
    Chlorine...............<0.1 ppm
    Turbidity..............<2 NTU
    SDI....................... <4

    Reverse Osmosis System

    High Quality Reverse Osmosis System is available for OEM service.

    If you are looking for reverse osmosis water purification system manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    EDI Electrodeionization System

    EDI Electrodeionization Ultra-pure Water System

    Automatic Mixed Bed Deionizer

    Automatic Operation Mixed Bed Deionizer

    Automatic Mixed Bed Deionizer is easy to use and it can provide with good water quality. This system use PLC and pneumatic valve as pilot, during regenerating operation,it can do 10~15 different steps.
    If power off, PLC can prevent from data loss, then restart and go on the former action automatically.

    Automatic Mixed Bed Deionizer is designed for Industrial use.

    K-plus series Deionizer

    Deionizer System

    High Efficiency Regeneration And High Ion-Exchange Capacity Is Not A Dream Anymore.
    Deionizer System Can Provide High Quality Water In The Minimum Of Time.

    Commercial R.O. System

    Our Company is a well-known company in Commercial R.O. System Suppliers, specializing in the design, production and sale of Commercial R.O. System Suppliers and relative appliances.

    We have a team of efficient quality inspectors who make sure our products are manufactured as per the excellent standards.

    Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable Commercial R.O. System Suppliers Manufacturer.
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